Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 04 November 2020
From Pierre Cox


I object to this proposed development for the following reasons:
1) I am very concerned about the impact on air quality in this area. The facility will be very close to a large school and hundreds of homes. My understanding is that tiny particles that are harmful to health are emitted from these facilities. Given that it will be operating constantly, day and night, the residents living here will be exposed to this at all times. Those with chronic health conditions (especially lung conditions, as is the case for my wife) will be especially at risk over the course of time.
2) Homes that are closest to where the facility would be located already experience significant noise and light pollution from the mainline railway line and also from the freightliner terminal that operates at all hours of the day and night. I am concerned that this proposed facility will bring more noise from its operations and from the vehicles that will be arriving and unloading. This will further detract significantly from the peace and quiet that residents should be entitled to expect in their homes and gardens and neighbourhoods.
3) I am very concerned that the waste being delivered will emit strong smells, as it is unloaded and incinerated, that will waft over the area and again detract from the quality of life that we should be allowed as residents.
4) Essentially, Trowbridge/St Mellons is an area that suffers from a high degree of deprivation. Great efforts have been made over the years to improve the natural beauty of the area and the quality of life for all its residents (e.g. the Hendre Lake Park and its surrounding area and footpaths). I am concerned that, in addition to the issues above, the sheer size and scale of this facility will be a real eyesore, dominating the area, adding to the industrialised feel already imposed by the railway and the freightliner terminal and detracting from the wellbeing of all its residents.This seems terribly unfair, given everything that this area already has to contend with.
5) The Wentloog levels are designated as a flood risk area. Flood risk maps show that there is an increasing risk of major flooding in this area in the years to come,due to rising sea levels. I am very concerned that a facility like this is being proposed for such a vulnerable area. The implications are bad enough for us as residents anyway, but will be made far worse if a facility like this gets flooded so near to so many homes.