Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 07 November 2020
From Alessandra Aversa


From words extracted from a scientific paper, "This process of waste incineration poses a significant threat to public health and the environment. The major impact on health is the higher incidence of cancer and respiratory symptoms; other potential effects are congenital abnormalities, hormonal defects, and increase in sex ratio. The effect on the environmental is in the form of global warming, acidification, photochemical ozone or smog formation, eutrophication, and human and animal toxicity" (Sharma et. Al 2013).

In 2020, governments should be looking at much more environmentally responsible ways to manage communal waste. Greener options are available and should be implemented to facilitate the transition to a carbon neutral society

From a social point of view, most of the CF3 post code is known to not be an affluent area. The installation of an incenerator would have a severe negative effect on this community. House princes would fall and people who have struggled all their life to become home owners will find themselves at a loss, with no financial support to fall back on.
There is plenty of evidence showing that incenerators are at least 3 times more likely to be installed in deprived areas, which is most likely why the CF3 area has been suggested. However, the negative financial impact the introduction of an incenerator would have on the financial health status of the community is devastating. Thus, the decision must be reversed, otherwise it would render this area more deprived than it already is. The outcome of this very likely scenario, if the incenerator were to be installed, is a rise in health issues within its inhabitants, drop in house prices, reduction of employment and rise in criminality.
Why the council would allow that to happen to then have to take the overall cost of it on board is illogical and demands a change in policy.
Hoping to have put my point across logically and factually and that my appeal has a significant impact,
Kind regards