Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 07 November 2020
From Sarah Rees Williams


Consideration should be given to the fact that two planning applications are being considered for development in the area adjacent to st mellons, the incinerator and Hendre park and the cumulative effect of both on disruption to the community by heavy vehicles traffic. This is an area that already struggles with inadequate road structure to manage rush hour times and housing development in the area is ongoing which exacerbates this.
The combined effect of increased pollution from this heavy traffic/incineration and likely long term effects on people’s health should be examined given that the South Wales area is already more vulnerable to respiratory conditions. The cost and impact on the NHS in years to come should be examined.
Effectively this application is likely to have a substantial impact on quality of life for st mellons residents and change the suburban landscape into an industrial one and affect house prices. In my view the application should be refused.