Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 07 November 2020
From S Obrien


I would like to object to this facility, in particular its location, for the following reasons:
1. The close proximity of this plant to houses and schools, and the potential harm caused by the release of pollutants, toxins and in particular harmful nanoparticles to people living and working close to the plant.
2. The increased traffic on the already congested road network in Cardiff.
If you must have an incinerator, site it well away from inhabited areas.
In any event, the focus should be on recycling and composting of waste, incineration is not sustainable because of the waste it produces (it is estimated that a combination of recycling and composting reduces global warming gases some 46 times more than incineration generating electricity (AEA, 2001) nor I believe will it be cost effective in the long term.