Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 07 November 2020


I strongly object to this toxic monster being built so close to my home and my children’s schools. We live so close, our loved ones live so close, my children learn and play so close. I believe it will have an awful impact on our air quality and be a danger to public health. It would produce toxins such as nitrous oxide, dioxins and CO2 particles, I do not want my family or myself to be poisoned by these. The wind turbine nearby will cause a vacuum which will add to the issue. They say these particles will be small… zero particles is what we need. The extra traffic volume that it would cause will also add to the pollution, also creating noise & light pollution and added congestion to roads that are already too busy. The size of the building and stack would be huge and have a hideous visual impact on the area, it would be a complete eyesore. I believe the environment & wildlife will be contaminated and suffer also, the area is SSSI and on flood levels. The CF3 area is already deprived, please do not subject us to this monstrosity on top. The fear, worry and anxiety this proposal is causing people in the area is immense. It will have a dire impact on peoples mental health if the thing is actually built.

Cardiff is proposing to be a carbon neutral city, not the dumping ground for everyone! Why on earth are incinerators being planned to be built here and also for the rest of Wales? Waste will be transported in from areas outside of Wales to burn here…how absurd! This would be a green light for people to just keep creating extra waste, producing more and more, when what we really need are ways to be found for waste to be reduced & recycled. Keep CF3 incinerator free! Please, please, please do not build it here!