Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 07 November 2020
From Deborah Watkins


I wish to express my strong objections to Mor Hafren’s application and I wish for this application to be rejected. I believe the proposed facility will have a detrimental impact on my quality of life and wellbeing as well as that of my family and other residents in my community, without it bringing any benefit us. My main concerns are as follows:

1. Negative impact to health due to reduced air quality as a result of toxins and pollutants emitted from the proposed facility and the increased traffic due to its proximity to residential areas, local schools, the wind turbine (which will push any emission from the facility’s flute downwards), in addition to being approx. 3 miles away from Viridor (causing a cumulative effect).
2. Increased noise and smell pollution, in addition to increased flies and other vermin in the residential areas near the proposed incinerator
3. Negative impact on the environment and climate change as I believe this will hinder incentives to increase recycling