Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 08 November 2020


I object to the above mentioned incinerator being built in this area. The location of this incinerator is much too close to our home and that of our Children/Grandchildren. I have grandchildren in the schools nearby and fear for their safety, it is too close to the schools. I believe it will have a detrimental impact on all of our health. It will cause air pollution due to the toxins such and CO2 particles that it will release. I am really concerned for all of the children who will be breathing in these poisons on a daily basis, whilst attending school and living in the area. There is a wind turbine nearby that would cause a vacuum and the Southerly winds will blow the toxins all around us. The size of the building and stack would be a complete eyesore and be out of scale to the surrounding area. It would cause extra traffic to the area adding to the pollution and also create noise & light pollution. The historical landscape of the Wentlooge Levels has a distinctive pattern of reens and drainage ditches. It is classed as SSSI and prone to flooding. I believe the incinerator will contaminate the land and the environment & wildlife will suffer. Many people in the area are anxious & worried about this being built, we do not want it here! Other ways should be looked into for reducing/recycling waste!