Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 09 November 2020
From Suzana Howlett


I strongly object to the plan to build this incinerator. In my country of origin such a development would never be allowed this close to a residential area and I am horrified by the evident disdain of a developer in my adopted country of Wales for local peoples’ health and the enjoyment of their until-now lovely local environment. Any responsible government should reject developments with such power to ruin peoples’ lives where thought is only being given to making a bit of money when there are a thousand locations remote from homes and schools that would be more suitable, and hundreds of alternatives to burning what businesses can’t be bothered to recycle that would render this horror completely unnecessary. We in this area are not third class citizens or a dumping ground for completely inappropriate industrial developments.

If this development continues the Welsh Government and the developer should be ashamed of themselves for the blight they will place on the lives of ordinary people for no justifiable reason whatsoever, and I will help make sure that their recklessness and failure to consider the opinions and lives of residents is communicated as widely as possible along with pictures of this hideous, fume-belching carbuncle looming over schools and houses.

Shame on Mor Hafren for even considering such an act of industrial-scale vandalism against the place we live in. I would like this planning application to be rejected.