Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 09 November 2020
From Jayenna Smith


There are several reasons that I object to this proposal.
The site for this proposal is within 700 metres of the local area's brand new state of the art £26million high school, as well as being in extremely close proximity to four primary schools and thousands of residential homes.
As a parent of a child in our local high school, I am gravely worried for the children and staff at the schools, who will be spending so much time in such close proximity to the emissions from the burning of waste and the fumes from the additional traffic generated will have a detrimental effect on their health, learning and development. In addition to this, the smell and noise coming from the facility's operation will negatively impact pupils learning, and local residents' standards of living and well-being. The area is already plagued with noise from the Freight terminal and the Aldi warehouse operations. I am also concerned that the wind turbine located adjacent to the site will bring the fumes emitted from the stack back down to ground level in certain weather conditions.

The design of the building is ugly, and its visual impact would not be in keeping of the Wentlooge Levels, which should be predominantly flat; it would stand out like a sore thumb on the panorama viewed from Rumney as well as being visible from the schools, and thus make the area look too industrious, taking away much of the greenery currently on view from the aforementioned areas.

I do not feel there is a need for another facility of this type, as the Viridor incinerator at Trident Park (3 miles away from the proposed location) already has the capacity to be able to additionally deal with the amount of waste in Mor Hafren's proposal. This would mean that the site of Mor Hafren's proposal, which is within a SSSI and a flood plain, can be left unscathed, and that wildlife levels and the environment there won't be negatively impacted.
Also, there is not enough evidence as to the impact of the cumulative effects of two such facilities being within such close proximity to each other.

I feel that the roads within the area are already too congested, and this would be severely worsened with the additional traffic to and from the site.
This proposal is inconsistent with the Welsh Government's plans to tackle the climate emergency they declared, and their plans to be carbon neutral by 2030. I feel that as we move towards a circular economy, there will not be enough waste generated within the proposed 30 mile radius to keep the incinerator in a steady state of operation, and that within a short amount of time, waste would have to be imported from further afield, thus adding further to Mor Hafren's carbon footprint.

Ultimately, I feel that Mor Hafren's proposals offer no enhancements to the area in any way whatsoever, and is in complete disregard of the Future Generations Act and the Welsh Clean Air strategy.
I strongly object to this proposal.