Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 10 November 2020
From Christopher Daniels


I’d like to strongly oppose this development.
I believe the building would be out of character for the location. The sheer size of the building would stick out like a sore thumb, it would be a blight on the landscape. The levels are pretty flat and any building that is twice the size of another building in within a 2-3km radius would stick out and cause a large visual impact. I am also extremely concerned about smells that would come from this development, in addition to that the level of noise would also be concerning - as plans to run the development 24hrs a day in close proximity to large houses estates and schools. Totally unacceptable in my eyes. Taking into consideration all this there would also be a large amount of heavy vehicles on locals roads - lorries carrying large amounts of commercial waste for incineration - possible dangerous/contamination material if these lorries are involved in any accident - a disaster waiting to happen. Again more noise and air pollution. Finally I am extremely concerned about the pollution this development would pump out into the local area and the detrimental impact this would have on my health.