Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 10 November 2020
From Christian Davies


I object to the proposed development in the strongest terms. My concerns regarding this development are as follows - this site running 24 hours a day would be a concern due to the levels Noise, Light pollution and the amount of pollution spewed into the atmosphere from the incinerated waste. In addition to this, I am concerned about odours that could come from the site. The sheer size of the building is another concern as the local area is flat and this development, in my opinion, would be very unsightly. A major concern is the already situated wind turbine being so close to the proposed development. This development would also cause additional traffic on local roads that are transporting huge amounts of unknown waste into our community. I am also concerned about the environmental elements such as Bats and Bees and other species in the surrounding area as this is a site of scientific interest.