Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 10 November 2020
From James North


We do not want the Mor Hafren plans to be approved for the following reasons;

Air Quality- Cardiff has, currently a poor standard of air quality. Air quality has been proven to be a factor in the general health of the population. During the current pandemic the Welsh Government has made several announcements about air quality being important. The Mor Hafren incinerator would further worsen the air quality, with the smoke plume and contamination, which is yet to be declared. The site is next to a wind turbine that would force the smoke plume down closer to ground levels. Within the close vicinity there is housing and schools - the potential toxic air would be severely harmful to the children and residents.
Transportation of the “fuel” for the site would be via already congested, unsuitable road infrastructure- the number of heavy goods vehicles would exacerbate the air quality issue.
The site itself is on a SSI area with a bio diverse water system. The potential contamination of which and the disturbance of the wildlife would be almost a foregone conclusion and the area would probably not recover. The site itself is out of context for the area being almost three time’s higher than any other structure in the panorama. The site would not be pleasing to the eyes and would undoubtedly be classed as an eyesore.
The East of Cardiff, Rumney especially has done its part in the disposal of waste area. The areas of Rumney, Trowbridge and St Mellons are officially classed as deprived. The areas should be benefitting from the right development- in jobs/ enrichment of the environment for living, work and leisure. The proposal offers none of the above only further pushing the deprivation and lowering the standard of life.
We trust that our objections will be duly recorded and taken into account.