Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 12 November 2020
From Lynne Yeates


Dear Mr Thomas,

With reference to the planning application....your ref DNS/3236340 on behalf of my husband, [**REDACTED**] myself and my family, we formally register our objection to the proposed development.

Our main objection to the proposed facility is that it's on a no through road not fit for purpose, there is only one way in and out past our home. The road was named after our house! We are concerned that the proposed facility will not only increase the traffic problems we are currently experiencing, but also cause a massive increase in traffic involved with the construction of the facility.

The road is full of potholes, ruts and sinking drains and the volume of constant traffic-24/7, due to the heavy goods vehicles from Freightliner Terminal, Man UK, Reynolds Engineering, TMX Plant Hire and UPS parcel delivery service. In addition to this, all the workers travelling back and forth to these businesses. Also 40 tonne refrigerated lorries now regularly park on the road outside my home, to take rest breaks and overnight stops. The hedge is often used as a public convenience and litter is left along the road. This can be confirmed by Cardiff Council Environmental Services, Lamby Way, who continually clear up the mess.

We are extremely environmentally conscious and have never objected to anything before, always believing it was progress, a bonus for the area/environment and creating jobs. We were excited when we were told a wind turbine was being erected, again thinking of the environment. When construction was completed and the turbine was turned on, the distress caused to us, with the continual noise and flashing was quite unbearable and it seems it was just another money-making adventure. We need someone from Environmental Services to come and measure the noise levels, which to my knowledge hasn't been done since G24 took noise measurements before the turbine was erected.

Now the leaves are falling off the trees, the property is showing visible signs of pollution on the buildings, therefore this also must be affecting air quality in the area!

The proposed development will be situated 100-200m to the west of our home. On the developer's invitation, we travelled to Plymouth earlier this year to see an existing energy recovery development. The size of the structure was enormous. The proposed structure will block out the setting sun on our home. We can no longer enjoy our garden or open our windows during the summer because of the noise. Whilst being in lockdown, this has caused great distress, [**REDACTED**].

The Yeates family have lived here since 1954, myself upon marriage, since 1972. It was a very close community but we lost all our neighbours when the Welsh Government started throwing millions of pounds for businesses to come to the area. We've seen them come and go to name a few, ACER Computer Plant (which never arrived), G24 Solar Energy (which came and went) and most recently Pinewood Studios, which I believe are in the process of leaving! There seems to be no consistency regarding laws/regulations to protect this area. A 17th century farmhouse which was a listed building since approx. 1979, in the last few months has gone from being protected to being bulldozed. How can this be right?

I cannot express how strongly we all feel about this issue and our intention is to object indefinitely.

Yours sincerely
Lynne Yeates