Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 12 November 2020


As a current pupil at eastern high I have alot of concerns with the possible build of the incinerator.
I believe that the smell from the burning waste will not only be pungent it will also be harmful to my health.
I am a keen rugby player and I would not like the thought of training on the school pitches whilst inhaling toxic and harmful substances.
At present we have wonderful views from our classroom windows if planning is granted future pupils will look out onto the monstrosity of a building with a huge chimney knowing that the air around them is polluting them.
Traffic is also a concern to me, I use the country lanes located near the planning site for regular bike rides, the roads are extremely busy already if planning is granted I will no longer be able to use these current routes as not only will there be lorry’s coming and going there will also be the staff cars.
Please take into consideration my future health and the health and well being of my family and friends that all live close to me.