Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 12 November 2020
From Laura lane


I am a local resident and will live in approximately 800m of the planned incinerator.
I feel this building will have a negative impact on the surrounding area for residents, school children and wildlife.
My main concern is the negative impact it will have on the air quality not only will it emit toxins the increased traffic to and from the facility will also reduce the air quality in the area.
The facility will be within close proximity of a secondary school and many primary schools, surely this will have a negative impact on the children’s health and wellbeing.
I spend a lot of time going on long walks with family and friends and we love the vast variety of wildlife the local landscapes has to offer, if planning was permitted i am certain the wildlife will perish and the landscape will be destroyed. The once beautiful green landscape that the community love will be overshadowed by this building and it’s extremely high chimney stack.
I can not see any advantage to building this incinerator so close to the viridor in splott which in essence will do exactly the same thing.
Please stop the east of Cardiff becoming a dumping ground.