Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 13 November 2020
From Siobhan Hayes


As a local resident, I object to this proposal on the following grounds:

- There is already an incinerator within a few miles of the proposed location. It is completely wrong to allow this relatively disadvantaged part of Cardiff to become a dumping ground for other people’s rubbish.
- Cardiff already has a pollution problem, and this will add to it. The nature of the toxic waste this plant would be processing means it may include some high risk pollutants which are as yet not fully understood. This site is close to, and upwind from, a major residential area whose inhabitants' health and enjoyment of their homes is likely to be impacted as a result.
- The existence of this facility will encourage transportation of waste from beyond the immediate area. Until each authority is forced to take responsibility for disposal of its own waste locally, there will be little incentive to reduce its production. If its ecological and environmental aspirations are to be anything more than empty words, Wales should take a lead on this, and ban transportation of waste between local authorities and across National borders.
- The site is within an SSSI, and has not been used industrial purposes for many years. Wales should protect and develop SSSIs, not conspire to destroy such sensitive environments.
- The proposed building is visually out of character with its surroundings, and will be a blight on this low-lying landscape for many miles. The attempts to camouflage it are ludicrous and patronising.