Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 13 November 2020
From Ben Lidgey


I am writing to you to express my strong opposition at the plans for the Mor Hafren Bio Power plant proposed for Newlands Rd, Cardiff.

As a resident of St Mellons and a parent of a child at [**REDACTED**] School I am opposed to a waste incinerator plant being placed so close to residential and educational areas, with concerns over the extra pollution to the air and environment not only from the incinerator plant, but also the waste being transported to and stored at the site, and the significant increase in lorries on an already busy and congested route.

The eastern side of Cardiff already has a number of heavy industrial units and adding more will cause significant environmental and health damage to the area, not only from the output from these units, but also from the increased traffic and noise pollution. There are units such as the Celsa steelworks and the Viridor incinerator, the Freightliner rail yard (producing significant noise pollution during the day and night).

The views from the high ground such Rumney Hill of the Wentloog levels and the Bristol channel show the environmental significance of the area. Although there are industrial units such as the distribution depots along Newlands Rd these are relatively low-level in comparison with the proposed plans for the Mor Hafren facility which will be a significant visual tall landmark on an otherwise low-level landscape.

The proposed incinerator is in close proximity to the Hendre Lake nature park, the Parc Tredelerch lakes and the Wentloog Gwent Levels site of special scientific interest. These areas are habitats for wildlife species such as Heron and bats that will be affected by the incinerator and increased traffic.

The strategies for the Welsh Government Clean Air Plan, commitment to the Well-being Economy Government Network and locally the Cardiff Council Clear Air Plan all demonstrate the importance of clean, healthy, pollution-free environments. This has been made all the more clearer with the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic showcasing the need to improve air quality when airborne viruses can affect and cause breathing and lung complications.

The Mor Hafren incinerator should not be given planning permission, and should not be built and operated as it is detrimental to the local environment, to the wider environment and sets the wrong example for Wales.