Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 14 November 2020
From Ben Jeffries


As a resident within 1km of the proposed the site of the ERF I object to it's construction on the following grounds;

This site is far too close to residential properties, the emissions from this facility will not only reduce the air quality for nearby residents but also further reduce the already low air quality across the city. Additionally the particulate matter emitted from this facility will cause damage to the nearby reens, the facility sits within the SSSI area and alongside a SINC area, this is possibly one of the worst sites that could have been identified for this facility.

The impact on climate change, at a time when we are all attempting to reduce the amount of carbon emissions produced, the building of an incineration facility is completely counter intuitive. The millions of tonnes of CO2 released from the facility over it's lifetime will have a greater negative impact to the climate than the emissions produced from a landfill site. Studies have shown that much of the waste that is fed to incinerators can in fact be recycled.

The impact on recycling, incinerators need to be fed waste to run. The implication of this is that materials that could have been recycled are instead transferred to the incinerator due to the contractual way in which incinerators are operated (minimum tonnage guarantees, put or pay and banding mechanisms). Defra published a report this year stating that of the waste fed to incinerators 53% could be currently recycled, 27% potentially recycled, 12% potentially substitutable and only 8% as difficult to recycle or substitute. The headline there is that over half of the current fuel for incinerators can already be recycled, it is illogical to to build another incinerator when the existing 42 incinerators in the country could double their capacity if they were not being provided with currently recyclable waste.

In conclusion, as a resident of the local area I do not want this eyesore constructed, more than that I do not want to inhale the carcinogens it will emit or witness future destruction of the local wildlife. As a resident of this planet I strongly oppose the construction of any facility that will burn waste that could have been recycled and in doing so will emit large amounts of greenhouse gasses.