Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 14 November 2020
From Ms Diane Coles


I am completely disgusted at the fact that the UK Government have taken it upon themselves to tell the people who live, work, visit the Cardiff East area and Newport area, that we are to have an Energy Recovery Facility - AN INCINERATOR - built in an area of a Site of Special Scientific Interest AND near a high school, AND near homes. This is atrocious! With the amount of traffic that already use the roads down at the coast road, and the extra HGVs that are going to be coming back and fore, this is NOT wanted in our area. The incinerator could release certain Particulate Matter - like PM2.5 - which can cause cancer and other bad illnesses.

I STRONGLY oppose this development along with our local councillors, neighbours, children - EVERYONE - and I believe it should be abolished.