Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 15 November 2020
From Thomas Marshall


I object to the development of a waste-to-energy plant on the Wentloog Levels, and request that the inspectors decline this planning application for the following reasons:

Burning waste is incompatible not only with the UK's signatory to the Paris Climate agreement, but also with the Welsh Governments declaration in 2019 of a climate emergency, and the commitments made in April 2019 to be a low carbon economy and tackling climate change with sustainable development.

Under the Paris climate agreement, the UK and Wales is required to reduce emissions "as soon as possible", and the UK already has more capacity for waste-to-energy incineration that is predicted to be required, this was noted in an early day motion put to the UK parliament in November 2017.

It is also incompatible with the Cardiff Council aims to be carbon neutral by 2030, and improving air quality, with the "city as a whole ending it's contribution to global warming" - keeping this facility fuelled will result in an increase in road traffic as this facility will have to import large volumes of waste from outside the county (as is already happening for the existing plant at Trident Park), with additional pollution from the extra lorry movements.

This is clearly in conflict with the aim to improve air quality from reducing traffic emmissions.

Trident Park was unable to meet it's objectives within it's original planned capacity, and had to increase the volume of waste being brought in by road in order to meet it's generation objectives, this resulted in more traffic that was originally planned, without further consultation with the impacted communities.

The emissions plume from the existing Trident Park facility, will merge with the plume from the new plant when the wind direction is in the prevailing direction, resulting in further reductions of air quality for residential areas which are downwind of both plants, areas which including large housing estates, and a number of primary and secondary schools, along with the Wentloog Levels site of Special Scientific Interest.

It's clear that even a modern waste-to-energy plant is not carbon neutral - there is a legal case underway challenging the decision not to include emmissions from plants like Mor Hafren in the measures of emmisions of greenhouse gases by burning fuel.

In 2019, the existing plant at Trident Park exceeded it's emissions limits on a number of occassions levels resulting in schedule notices being issued, even modern well-run plants are proved to not always meet their emmisions requirements. Why as residents should we accept the falacy of "modern", "well run" plants, when existing modern incinerators are already failing to meet their required standards of pollution and odour.