Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 16 November 2020
From Daniel Trew


As a frequent visitor to Cardiff East this will spoil the natural beauty of the area and I will be less inclined to use the natural facilities of the area such as Hendre lake. I believe this would be the case for many others as well. This would lead to less visitors of Cardiff east.

As a previous resident of St Mellon's I can attest to the strength and quality of the community and I don't see how this plan improves that community in any positive way. In fact I believe it will do quite the opposite and have a detrimental effect on both the area and the community.

This incinerator will reduce air quality, increase traffic, reduce the health of residents, impair the natural beauty of the area and also poses an inherent disaster/catastrophic risk to the community. The fact it is also located next to a number of schools in particular eastern high is of great concern. Will it really be the case that on the one hand children are being taught to be responsible and take care of the environment and at the same time they can look out of the window and see a massive incinerator burning plastic ? How can this possibly be reconciled.

When I spoke to Cogen they admitted that the waste will not be sorted (like it would be in a re-cycling facility) and so the waste input cannot be guaranteed. With this being the case, I believe it will also not be possible to guarantee what this facility outputs into the air of St Melons. Might I suggest that Mr Brooking and his Cogen cronies build this facility next to Kingsbridge RFC and keeps this monstrosity out of South Wales.

Kind regards.