Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 16 November 2020
From Tony Waite


I strongly object to this development for several key reasons:
A) It does not meet the recommended criteria for good practice in locating an incinerator as set out by the World Health Organisation.
B) The development is situated on land identified by Cardiff City Council as ‘Protect and Enhance Countryside’ in their Local Development plan, Adopted plan 2016 P.38, Furthermore the site is on SSSI land with an intricate Rene system
C) Cardiff does not need another incinerator the existing one has enough capacity to meet the needs of the local area.
D) The submission does not detail enough the actual modelling of the plume which is at the direct height of the local wind turbine. A stack is designed to take matter upwards and away from harm, a turbine actually brings matter back down to the ground which is in the vicinity of schools and residences.
E) The location is cited close to some residential properties and schools and one of the largest travelling community camps in wales. Under the equality act they also have the same rights as any other resident.
F) The plan scale and aesthetics are overpowering for the area and do not follow the recommendations of chimney to building ratios, chimney to be 2.5x height of building to avoid drag considered best practice for incineration
G) The incinerator will produce between 100,000-200,000 CO2 per annum which is at odds with cardiff and wales commitment on become a leader in climate objectives.
H) The DNS says other locations need to be considered, if which i am sure the data shows not be the case another incinerator is needed in Cardiff this location cannot be the right choice.
I) The traffic assessment does not take into account the other developments in the area on the same time horizon,

Finally as a father of 3 and in line with the future generations act the emissions from this facility I do not believe this will make the area a healthier place for them to grow up with regards air quality, carbon footprint nor does it provide a platform to move further up the waste hierarchy instead it encourages and needs plastic to be burnt to keep it operational.