Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 17 November 2020
From Steven hughes


I object to the build as I live near freeway road[**REDACTED**] very close to ware this is planned witch itself is not right to put this stress on us families after all we have been through this year and next year its added pressure on us as parents I personally will be removing my child from the school if planning goes ahead Rumney already stinks because of pollution from many sauces inc the tip Neals top soil and other farms and businesses this is the last straw for me as a resident I will be selling up and going where as many thousands around us can not as living in social or rented housing it should be the residence choice its far to close to the schools in the ares children suffer enough as do parents without this added to us it is not fair and not needed we have noise all night already from the Aldi depot and railway this should not be allowed or even considered its a disgrace what people are getting away with we are a community already suffering effects of health conditions due to covid and pollution please put the safety of us and our children before profits