Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 17 November 2020
From C.williams


I oppose,

- Toxic gases filling the air that the graph shows will spread in a significant distance.

The size of it alone

-A site next to a school that contains almost 1000 pupils whose air quality and well being will be sacrificed having this huge plant over shadowing them.

Why so residential? Right at the edge of and next to a large sized estate.

Is it because we do not have the money to fight that this is being pushed. We are being disenfranchised, unheard, uncared for.

- building on grass land that has its on ecological occupants.

- Further still the narrative that residents of Cf3 have no say in the area in which we live. That things happen to us, this could not be signified anymore with an incinerator being planned 9j the doorstep of the areas largest school.
A smear on our young people, a large symbol of being pushed down into place, happened upon.
It is a drain on health, mental health and the sense of place for the people here!