Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 17 November 2020
From Lynette Bancroft


I strongly object to the development of the proposed incinerator. My main concern is the detrimental impact on air quality resulting from the incineration, even taking into account the proposed filtration. A recent projection of the smoke plume, based on attributes such as local weather data, smoke composition and terrain (sourced from Plume-Plotter) indicates a 30% increase to nitrous oxide at ground level in surrounding areas. This includes Marshfield, Peterstone and Castleton amongst others, and likely to cause a significant detriment to health in the community. In addition, the heavy traffic to and from the site will add to air pollution, congestion and road safety issues. This would have significant detrimental impact on the local population, and notwithstanding the risk of catastrophic accident on site which could have disastrous outcomes for the local area.There are already two incinerators in the local area (Viridor in Splott and Barry), and it would be excessive to site yet another in such a heavily populated area. And not least, the proposed site is on the edge of the Gwent levels, a Site of Special Scientific Interest, and a conservation area. It is not appropriate to site an incinerator in such a fragile and valuable ecosystem.