Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 17 November 2020
From Steven Price


The area is already blighted by the incinerator in Splott, less than two miles away, and the plume comes on Rumney with the prevailing wind. The new incinerator would be far too close to both housing and local schools. It would have a massive, negative visual impact on the local area. I cant see how burning waste doesn’t contribute to global warming by adding Co2 emissions into the air. The wind generator could cause problems by stopping the emissions escaping into the air. The site would be built very close to salt marshes which do a lot to help the environment, this incinerator would stop that. There would also be the problem of large lorries driving through residential streets, causing even more pollution, and noise and endangering children going to and from school. We don’t need another incinerator in our area which is already deprived, we don’t deserve this on top of all our other problems. I’ve not seen another incinerator in the country built so close to a large residential area as this one, it should not be built here we don’t need it.