Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 17 November 2020
From Christopher Lay


I would like to object to the development on the following grounds.
- Visual Amenity - The building will be an over development and overpowering over neighbouring well established communities. The height and design of the building will have a negative impact upon the street scene of residential areas.

- Increase in Traffic - The proposal goes against TN6 of Cardiff LDP with the increase of traffic around the site and neighbouring residential areas. I believe an increase in over 80 journeys per day.

- Impact on Green Infrastructure - KP16 of the Cardiff LDP. In the local area we have a lot of green infrastructure. The proposed building will have a detrimental impact on the local green infrastructure and contravenes the Cardiff LDP in sections KP15, EN5, EN6 and EN7 .

- It is also been developed on an SSI which also means it is contravening a lot of policies as well.