Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 17 November 2020
From Katie Cullen


I live 700 yards away from the proposed new incinerator opposite Eastern High school. Not only do we suffer severe stenchs due to the current recycling centre in the same location,
It's been proven Incinerators pollute nearby communities and diminish the health of the population at large. Burning our waste poses considerable risks to the health and environment of nearby communities as well as the broader public. ... What's more, incinerators release more toxic pollution than coal-fired power plants per unit of energy.
Môr Hafren Bio Power, confirmed 40 lorries would also visit and leave the site each day, six days a week and there would be 36 car journeys, totalling 116 vehicle movements each day. Have you seen the state of rover way's Roads Now ?? Do You think all that heavy weight will make our journeys any better? Potholes galore... More rubber being preduced inevevetibly the Roads are falling apart with our current 1.5 ton cars ...... We have enough traffic on this side of Cardiff and trying to get out of this area is going to be a lot harder. Plus More housing going up. Please consider a non cf location for this incinerator, Cardiff Council just want the money specifically council tax rates they do not care for residents of this city. Shame on Cardiff Council. It was noted in 2002 Cardiff east is the most deprived..... Nearly 19 years later no changes. Turning it into a right dump this side of the city.