Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 17 November 2020


This whole proposal is deeply troubling. If you take as a given that it will cause a negative impact on wildlife, air quality in terms of output and traffic. Just as much of a concern is the Welsh Government's continuing dereliction of duty with regards to Cardiff East, there is already one incinerator, one large tip, steel works and no viable public transport. Worth noting that the proposed new train station design is not fit for purpose and is only being proposed as it is privately funded.

This incinerator is a continuing ghettoization of Cardiff East and I fully expect it to be approved as this area is the designated dumping ground. This would have been thrown out in 5 mins if in 99% of the rest of Cardiff.

This area in terms of population is made up of low income, young families who will have no option to relocate once the incinerator begins to impact them. This development would continue the alienation of CF3 and disenfranchisement of its residents.