Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 17 November 2020
From Andrew Evans


The Traffic going in and out of Cardiff is already horrendous, to add more heavy goods vehicles would make congestion worse and goes against everything the welsh government is aiming for by cutting emissions.

We have an incinerator that I can see from my house that has coped just fine during a pandemic where no waste was going to landfill. That suggests demand in the area is not there so why bring other towns, cities, villages waste to ours!

The visual impact is going to be of detriment to the area. Alot have views across to the channel and to add something that is triple the size would impact massively. It is not that people are against looking over industrial properties but Aldi depot, numerous industrial properties even the civic amenity site have all been carried out sympathetically in not hampering the views.

The proximity to people and schools is completely inconsiderate. There is the Travellers site within a very short space one way, and a massive high school in the other direction. From that then is the hundreds of houses that will be effected by emissions and smells. I note that these problems have been identified and mitigated against however research suggests that once these facilities are built the promise goes away and our generation, the generation ahead of us and the generations to come will be effected with rising health conditions and poor living conditions.

The question is would any of the people pushing this development build this project on their doorstep or next to their children's schools?

I believe this project should not be given the go ahead as the implications to the residents, The future generations and the City as a whole far out weigh any positives!