Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 18 November 2020
From Sally canter


I would like to register my objection to the above planning submission.
I have lived in the east of Cardiff for over 30 years both my children and grandchildren attended local secondary and primary schools.
When I was first made aware of this proposal ( not by the hidden leaflet within a dominos flyer but by my daughter) I was astonished to think that planning would even be considered given the close proximity of both school and residential areas.
When I attended the drop in session at the beacon centre the representatives could not guarantee 100% that no harmful toxins/pollution would be emitted into local area, if something is not 100% safe to both humans and wildlife why would you even consider damaging people health ???
I do not approve with the illustrations provided this huge building will completely destroy the landscape and not be in keeping with other business units in the area.
The traffic volumes that already have you at complete standstill at times will only increase and cause more congestion which then increases the carbon emissions having a direct impact on the decreasing air quality.
We seem to be losing so much of our green spaces in the east of Cardiff and I have to question what impact this is having on the the ever increasing flood alerts. Our reen’s act as a form of flood defence where will
all this rain water go when the developers destroys yet more natural beauty ?
I am all for change, progression and new innovative ways to improve the local area, I can not see one positive in this proposal.