Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 19 November 2020
From Great Point Studios Ltd


Great Point Studios Ltd have recently taken a 10 year lease on the Seren Stiwdios facility which is adjacent to the location of the proposed incinerator. Seren Stiwdios is used to make film and TV productions is an employment centre with circa 200 FTE's employed directly and indirectly on each production.

Excessive noise from the incinerator site either during construction or operation will mean the studios cannot operate.

A review of the documents and designs associated with this planning application has shown that noise during operation has been considered and attenuation systems are proposed but we could not find any details regarding the consideration and mitigation of noise during construction (piling etc.) which would have a significant adverse affect on the operation of the studio (they would not be able to function).

Also, a review of the documents revealed sites classified as sensitive 'noise receptors' , the studio didn't appear in the list although it is very sensitive to noise

We would like to see consideration and mitigation of the noise impact on the adjoining Studio business and assurance that construction and operation of the incinerator would not affect operations at the Studios.