Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 19 November 2020
From Lynda Howard


I strongly object to this incinerator, CF3 Area has been neglected for a very long time. we have the Refuge site , Steel works .
very noisey Turbine. The air pollution is already bad, this incinerator will add to the very poor quality air we have at present. we also have to endure unpleasant smells from the refuge site, the fact that waste will be used in the incinerator , this certainly will exacerbate the smell.
The refuge site also brings a lot of flies too, this summer has been the worst so far for this, it is very unpleasant !! more waste in the area will attract more flies!
Particulary at night we currently have a lot of noise from the Turbine and hear work that is being carried out on the railway tracks, the noise from the incinerator will add to that as well.
I cannot believe this is being built so close to 2 schools and residents homes, the area has suffered with a lot of things over the years and to build this will only bring the area down affecting house prices too! I'm sure this building will be very large and again will not be pleaseant to look at!
At present our current roads cannot cope with Traffic coming from the M4 etc,its soo congested.
We have endured 2 yrs road diversion whilst Britsh rail rebuilt Lamby way rail bridge , the location of the incinerator will add more congestion plus traffic being rerouted, whilst being built , plus more from the lorries bringing in the waste!
Our enviroment at present is not a pleasant one, to build this incinerator will just add misery for us.
Please relocate the incinerator.

Lynda Howard