Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 20 November 2020
From Ceri Tanti


I wish to object to this planning application. Firstly, the building is too big in scale and will affect the visual amenity for quite some distance from the proposed building. The current view is largely green, and to have an obviously industrial building added really affects the view badly.

Secondly, the roads around the proposed site are busy enough. Even with lockdown there is often standing traffic, and we do not need more HGVs adding to traffic and congestion in the area and having a detrimental impact on air quality.

Thirdly, we already have an incinerator which isn't that far away, also on the east side of Cardiff. What is the need for two of them so close together?

My fourth point is the most important. There are quite a few schools in the area and a lot of housing. This site is not an appropriate place for a business of this sort as it is too close to too many people. The noise, the traffic, the air pollution, light pollution. Please do not agree this proposal.