Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 20 November 2020
From Mrs Smith


I wholeheartedly do not want this incinerator built. We already have one nearby in Splott, and I don’t really understand why we need another one so close to where we live. I understand the need to reduce waste in landfill but I’m sure there must be other locations away from the south east of Cardiff. We already have a very unpleasant smell outside on a regular basis. This incinerator will further reduce our air quality. I have two [**REDACTED**] boys, I don’t want them breathing in toxins or foul smelling air, making them want to stay indoors. This year has proved that being outdoors is vital to mental health and well being. Last weekend the smell outside the front door was so bad, my children didn’t want to leave the house. I [**REDACTED**] have noticed the decrease in air quality over the last ten years. [**REDACTED**] There are primary schools near the planned site. Do people not care about our children’s health? It will also be a huge blot on our landscape. I don’t understand why people living in cities need to be punished for doing so by having these built so close to their homes. It’s unfair. I am begging you to reconsider and seek alternative locations.