Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 21 November 2020
From Jessica Weymouth


I would like to strongly object to the building of this incinerator.
It will cause air pollution to local communities leading to a reduction in health of those living in the surrounding areas and further afield depending on wind direction. This type of air pollution can lead to a decrease in cognitive function, and an increase in childhood diseases such as asthma and cancers. In adults, increasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and generally decreasing the quality of life of individuals.
It will also cause damage to the biodiversity of the site of a scientific special interest nearby. There will be increased emissions during building and running of the incinerator, air pollution as already mentioned and run off of harmful substances into nearby waterways. We do not yet know how this will affect the whole area but if this goes ahead, one thing is for certain, that we will never be able to restore it to how it once was.