Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 23 November 2020
From Mark Weymouth


I strongly object to the building and operation of this proposed incinerator for the many reasons below and expect the residents of South east Cardiff to be fully protected by our elected reps in the Council and Welsh Assembly.
There are only 3 large incinerators operating in the whole of Wales, one just opened in Deeside, the other in Splott, and now you are seriously considering building another in the same ward/area, this is totally unfair on an area which has had to suffer the loss of amenity and pollution from the Lamby Way landfill site for 50 years, we deserve more respect and better life/job prospects.

The pollution effects of another incinerator for this area need to be fully considered and rejected, the people of this area will have to suffer pollution from all directions as follows,
Wind direction from the West - Splott incinerator, steelworks furnace, waste water treatment plant, other industry,
South - Lamby way landfill and extension still being used, Biffa waste, industry, Neil's Soils hazardous land reclamation and composting (disgusting, putrid smells which makes everyone go indoors and NRW fail to act).
North - just the normal traffic pollution from Newport Road, and ever more busy Southern way etc.

East - the only fresh country air, however another incinerator next to a new school and houses ensures there is no escape from pollution at any time, this is very poor planning and foresight for the future health of our children.