Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 23 November 2020
From Elaine and Ronald Harris


I am writing and submitting this as We DO NOT want the incinerator built as we believe the pollution from this incinerator will be harmful to people living within a stones throw[**REDACTED**] and find it hard to believe this government will allow it's citizens to breath in the toxicity that it will produce and emit. In addition it's very close to many schools where a high number of children in the St Mellons area are already in the high percentage of asthmatics that together and with the awful impact this will have on the environment and wildlife is truly monstrous. The building would add no architectural value to the surrounding area as it would stand out against the Green Landscape surrounding it and we would have nothing else to look at from our home but this monstrosity over shadowing our home. The heavy vehicles which will be increasing the already mass of heavy transportation using the roads will cause more congestion on some already very busy roads which in fact already have quite severe damage (not yet repaired) and we feel to add to this would be dangerous. We do not feel that the measures taken by Mor Hafren to reduce toxicity of the gases are enough to reassure us that our lives will not be negatively impacted as a consequence of this site being used. PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW THIS TO BE BUILT ON THE PROPOSED SITE.