Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 23 November 2020
From Richard Day


1) The proposal would have a significant impact on the road network that would be used too access such a development. Based on the figures published by Mor Hafren and using average load sizes of 20 tonnes the roads would see up to 25000 vehicle movements in/out of the plant per annum.
2) The proposal would present a significant danger to the surrounding SSSI and local environs/ atmosphere from fumes, leakages from the plant and the many vehicles transporting the waste to the plant and ash away from the plant once incineration has taken place.
3) The health of Cardiff's and particularly Rumney/ Llanrumney/Trowbridge/St Mellons citizens will be put at risk, not only from the plant but also from the fumes created by HGV's that are already presenting problems from developments such as the Aldi Distribution Centre.
4) The proposed plant is too close to Housing, Schools and Commercial/Industrial premises.