Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 24 November 2020
From Mrs Deena B Secker


I am writing to register my objection to the planned Incinerator.
Having spoken to a representative of Mor Hafren at the Beacon Centre in St Mellons I was told that this particular site was chosen because of its suitability and its convenience to both Swansea and Newport from where the intended waste would be sourced, which is something that I question as being located within Cardiff as opposed to being outside of it or being located on the motorway it is just going to add to the traffic problems of a City which has already been identified as being one of the most polluted in the UK.
I was also told that the waste would be unsorted Industrial waste and therefore the likelihood was that it would also contain food waste which I feel is likely to cause additional problems of smell and flies to the near by residents.
I would also ask why if households have to sort their waste and are encouraged to recycle as much as possible why there are no similar restrictions on Industrial waste?
Why is it is deemed necessary to bring waste from so far away and why is it not dealt with locally and what restrictions are there likely to be that with the UK becoming more aware of the need to recycle and there being even less waste that in the future waste would not be brought in from even farther afield or even abroad to feed all the Incinerators that are being built here making the UK the dumping ground for the worlds waste?
The incinerator stack will be emitting carbon particles in the atmosphere which could potentially have a harmful effect on both the lives of the nearby residents and the children attending school in the CF3 area some of which are located close to the planned Incinerator site as well as the environment.
This is in addition to the smell,the flies and the noise of the fans.
I and many others enjoy visiting Hendre lakes which as well as the near by Living Levels are a haven for wild life including some protected species which could all be effected by the carbon emissions.
Far from being an idea location I personally feel that Mor Hafren couldn’t have picked somewhere less suitable and that if allowed to go ahead the Incinerator will have a negative impact on the immediate area, the environment, the residents and the traffic problems that already exist in the East of Cardiff
I also feel that it would have a detrimental effect on the economic future of CF3 as new businesses are unlikely to be attracted to an area which has an Incinerator in it.