Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 24 November 2020
From Anne Russell


I should like to make it known that I object to the building of an incinerator by Mor Hafren, for the following reasons :

I feel that the incinerator would further worsen the air quality, with the smoke plume and contamination, the precise volume of which has not yet been declared. The air quality in Cardiff has historically been poor and one reason that I moved away from a heavily populated area to come to St Mellons, nearer the coast and countryside for fresher air.

The proposed site is next to a wind turbine that would force the smoke plume down closer to ground level, and is in close proximity to housing and many schools - the potential toxic air would be severely harmful to the children and residents, numbering in many thousands.

Transportation of the “fuel” for the site would be via already congested, unsuitable road infrastructure- the number of heavy goods vehicles travelling to and from the site 7 days a week would be detrimental to the air quality.

The site itself is on a SSI area with a bio diverse water system, which has been in place hundreds of years before anything was built in the area.. The potential contamination of which and the disturbance of the wildlife would be almost a foregone conclusion and the area would probably not recover.

The site would not be pleasing on the eye and would actually be an eyesore.
I wish it to be known that I strongly object to the proposals.

Anne Russell