Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 24 November 2020
From Saadh Aatif


I strongly object to the proposal to build an incinerator within close proximity to the household within which I have always lived.

I am a student residing in St. Mellons. The incinerator is currently planned to be located within 700 metres of where I live, and it would end up becoming a prominent addition to the view of the outside from my bedroom.

1. Location

St. Mellons is known for its beautiful outdoor areas of beauty, such as Hendre Lake: a well-known hotspot where our community can escape the congestion of city lives and enjoy the fresh, clean air. However, to have an incinerator burning waste within a kilometre of this green space would have a drastic impact on its air quality, reducing its public attraction and potentially permanently damaging one of our most respected natural beauties. In addition, the location of this site could not be more inconvenient. Within a one mile radius, there are eight schools. That is no minor number to be discarded. This consists of two high schools and six primary schools. The future generation of our country attend these schools 5 days a week, and the vast majority live within a close range of the incinerator. To subject so many of our youth to this blatant disregard for respiratory health is appalling and inconsiderate. One last point to make on the location is that it is a Site of Special Scientific Interest. The purpose of this existing in the first place is nature conservation, and to build a giant chimney and incinerator on top of it is just absurd.

2. Air Pollution

Furthermore, the proposal shows its proximity to our local wind turbine. The poor air quality brought upon by the building of this incinerator will only be accentuated by the turbulence from the wind turbine, causing us to further endure its harmful effects on our air and lungs. This link from the NHS explains some of the health effects that air pollution can and has had:
Whether you agree or disagree with the evidence provided by the NHS, it is not an unknown fact that air pollution is destructive and harmful. Moreover, the further refusal to use carbon capture systems goes to show the lack of interest in the environment and public health that this development has shown. Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are not the only substances present in the fumes that will be released from this incinerator, as their Air Quality Assessment has stated that oxides of nitrous will be released.

3. Carbon Footprint

We already have an incinerator built within our city, and to build another so near to a previous site exemplifies how much we are being taken advantage of and treated unfairly. The UK should be pushing to produce less waste, and recycle what waste is left more, not burning it. We could build specialists plants (preferably further away from where people live than this proposal) that can recycle more of our plastic waste, without the risk of strengthening our very prominent carbon footprint on the globe. The country has pushed for renewable energy, and yet here we are planning sites that reverse the positive advancements we have made for the environment. The ambition for Wales to become a "zero waste" nation by burning what isn't recycled is frankly ridiculous and incredibly misleading.

I request that you consider my concerns during this process. Thank you