Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 24 November 2020
From Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales


Dear Sirs,
Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales (CPRW) is a Welsh national charity that has been working to protect rural areas and green spaces in Wales for 91 years. We have discussed this proposal with concerned local residents in Cardiff, and have heard their many concerns, and have subsequently discussed the proposal within the local CPRW.branch, and at national level.
Consequently, CPRW OBJECTS to this proposal on the following grounds: -
Our initial objection is that a waste incinerator on this site at the edge of the historic and environmentally sensitive Gwent Levels is entirely inappropriate on landscape, wildlife, and other planning grounds. The special wildlife characteristics include lichens and bryophytes, that are particularly sensitive to air pollution
The First Minister established the landscape and wildlife importance of the Gwent levels in his decision last June to reject the M4 bypass. We believe this sends a clear signal in relation to any further unnecessary or inappropriate developments in this area, and especially to a speculative proposal to build an incinerator on an SSSI to process commercial waste.
In addition new waste incinerators of this type are also incompatible in our view with the Climate Emergency in Wales and the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act 2016. Also, it is well-known that proliferation of EfW, or incinerators, adversely affects recycling efforts, as local authorities and businesses find it easier to send material for destruction rather than to sustainably recycle them.
Consideration of this proposal should include the presence of existing Energy from Waste (EfW) / incinerator facilities, and others now proposed, including a very large facility at Newport and another at the Nine Mile Point Industrial Estate, Sirhowy Valley. The alleged need for this operation is increasingly doubtful.
Yours faithfully

Vic Warren C Eng C Env
(Vice-Chair of CPRW)