Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 24 November 2020
From Michael Lamoot



I strongly oppose the incinerator due to the presence of ten schools (Eastern High School, Trowbridge Primary School, St John Lloyd RC Primary School, Meadowlane Primary School, Ysgol Pen y Pil Primary School, Greenway Primary School, St Illtyd's Catholic High School, Willowbrook Primary School, Oakfield Primary School and St Mellons Church in Wales Primary School) within a mile radius.

It means that thousand of pupils may have their health affected by the pollution generated (even if the company pretends that no toxic air will be coming out of the chimney) by the new incinerator (but also by the increase level of lorry traffic in the area). Children from the schools will be all affected by the toxic fumes (flue gas) coming out of the chimney. Children have developing lungs and so are much more at risk than adults to develop health issues when living (or going to school) next to an incinerator.

A few miles down the road in Splott, there is already an incinerator (Viridor). Incinerators need storage space close by to store the waste ready to be burned. The tonnes of waste in the storage space must be mixed by special crane on a daily basis as the waste can be easily inflammable. People living close to the Splott incinerator are complaining about bad odours due to the daily mixing of waste happening close by. Can you imagine those odours around ten local schools and numerous residential areas?

Furthermore, there will be an increase of lorry traffic in the area due to the transportation of waste to the site (apparently 80 lorries every day each carrying 20 tonnes of waste). Increase of lorry traffic means increase of CO2 emissions and so further toxic air for children to breathe. I believe that building a new incinerator close to ten schools (within a mile radius) is not something we want for our children!
Thanks for reading me!