Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 24 November 2020
From Ceri Morgan


Please note I wish to object to the above planning application [Mor Hafren Bio Power to build a waste incinerator at land of Newlands Road, Wentloog, Cardiff. (Ref: DNS/3236340)] on the following grounds:

(i) Traffic: The heavy vehicles which will be servicing this site would not be appropriate for some of our small roads and will also potentially cause more congestion & pollution. These already congested roads can be brought to a standstill and cause hours of delays for current residents & businesses from just a minor bump causing GRIDLOCK. Our local infrastructure cannot cater for any more traffic. This would not be sustainable.

(ii) Bio Diversity: This site lies alongside a SSSI and because of the nature of the application this could result in damage to the SSSI, which is very sensitive to pollution from both air and from any effluent/spillage leaking into the reens. The local environment would be harmed by this both during the construction of the site and the daily operation.

(iii) Building: The design is overbearing when compared to the buildings in the proximity and will be seen from a considerable distance. Given its location on a flat part of the area this is a totally unsuitable design. This area is extremely prone to flooding that would only exacerbate any pollution incidents.

(iv) Air quality: We are reminded daily on the M4 sign when we are reduced to 50 mph that “Pollution KILLS!!”, so why would we want this so close to established deprived residential communities and schools.

The World Health Organisation recommends that the ‘siting’ of an incinerator should not be next to residential areas. This proposed siting of an incinerator within 700 metres of a newly built community high school plus numerous primary schools and residential areas that are continuing to grow is ludicrous. There is already known links between poverty and poor respiratory health, this proposed incinerator could result in a healthcare emergency for the local community. It shows & confirms the U.K.’s complete disregard to future generations - it would be making the already disadvantaged even more disadvantaged.

(v) Noise & Odour: From the recent rail electrification works the night time working noise was terrible. Equally we already have odour issues from the Lamby Way tip and other waste companies in the area. The proposed incinerator would increase both noise and odour issues to local residents and businesses resulting in a reduced quality of life.

To confirm we object to this proposal as the impacts are completely contradictory to what the local community, Cardiff Council, Wales and the World require. We are facing a climate emergency and Cardiff Council have begun their response with a ‘One Planet Cardiff Strategy’ - - which is to be applauded. This proposed CO2 emitting monster, if allowed, will ruin any hopes of this being achieved.