Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 25 November 2020
From Mair Newton


I live close to the proposed location of the incinerator and I wish to object to the building of it for several reasons. The primary one is the effect of the emissions on health. There is considerable research showing the impact of poor air quality on health. I believe that emissions from this site would have a major impact because the location is so low lying and the residential areas around it are on higher ground. Land rises sharply between Greenway Road and Newport Road and thus the emissions won't be thoroughly dispersed but will hit the houses and schools in the area. The effect of the wind turbine pulling air down will make this even worse.
I also object because the site is in a flood plain and the number of flood warnings we receive is increasing every year. If there is a flood the effect on the surrounding land (much of which is an SSI) will be worse if the water is contaminated by waste from the incinerator.
The impact on traffic is another reason against building this. The A48 and Southern Way are already very busy roads and the lorries carrying material to this site will make the problem worse. Congested roads mean slower moving traffic and higher emissions to reduce air quality even further.
I am also concerned about the visual impact of the proposed building. It will dwarf everything around it and stick out like a sore thumb.
I also object to this facility because there is already one nearby in Splott and the local area does not create enough waste to supply both of them so waste would have to be transported in from elsewhere to make the operation profitable. That cannot be best practice.
Finally I object because this facility would not be making use of the best and most up to date technology because that would be more expensive and reduce profits. Gasification is cleaner than burning and there is no provision for carbon capture. I feel the operators owe it to local residents to use the least polluting methods possible.
I would like to add that I believe the current pandemic has affected residents' opportunities to object to this proposal. The only information I have received about this consultation has been via social media and many people do not have access to that. There have been no public meetings and hubs are closed so there isn't free access to newspapers. I feel certain that under normal circumstances there would be more objections.