Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 25 November 2020
From Aysha Fathima


I object to the Mor Hafren proposal. I live [**REDACTED**] in St. Mellons. The incinerator is planned to be within 700 metres of my house.

- Air pollution: I am a mother of three children, and to build a site that brings a large amount of air pollution through the chimney and the large number of vehicles involved is a danger to their health.

- The increase in traffic: our roads already come to a gridlock at peak times, and adding these large trucks that will be transporting waste around the area will only worsen this. Not only will it increase our air pollution by a significant amount, but the waste will worsen the air quality in the area. Furthermore, the noise impact from these large trucks will not be avoidable, and has not been considered as much as it should have been. We do not want this in our area.

- Site: the location of the proposal is too close to schools and housing. Its tall height will ruin our coastal views and green spaces, and the sheer size of it will make it unavoidable in view. There is also the concern of damaging the wildlife in the area, as it is an SSSI.

- Youth: exposing children to this kind of air pollution so close to their homes and schools is a major risk to take with our youth. This is our next generation and we would be permanently damaging their health for the sake of waste disposal. We do not want this.

- Wind Turbine: The incinerator chimney is planned to be located remarkably close to the wind turbine, which will likely cause the smoke from the chimney to stay near the ground for longer, further increasing the damage that this incinerator would cause.

This is not the right solution to waste disposal. I request that you do not let this plan continue any further.