Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 25 November 2020
From Sue Johns


I wish to record my objections to the proposed incinerator being built by CoGen in Rumney Cardiff. I do not believe that this development is necessary as within the 30 mile radius proposed by CoGen, there is not enough waste to justify a second incinerator being built in Cardiff. The size of the proposed building would have huge visual impact, being far larger than any nearby buildings. It would dominate the skyline especially from the adjacent Levels, an area of great environmental importance which is largely flat.
I believe the incinerator would have a detrimental effect on the air quality. It is close to a densely populated residential area, including several schools. The area is relatively poor with many residents suffering from health problems and any reduction in air quality can only have a detrimental effect on public health. There will inevitably be a considerable increase in traffic, particularly during the construction phase, in an area which is already gridlocked with heavy traffic for much of the day.
The eastern side of Cardiff already has one large incinerator and a large landfill site. It does not need another.