Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 26 November 2020
From Jonathan Bebb


I Object to this Facility after looking at the planning it's clear the location for this site has been poorly chosen. There are 4 Schools within 1 mile of the incinerator a further 4 within 2 miles. What message will it give the future children having a non-renewable energy source being constructed so close to their place of learning. The amount of people living with in a mile of the area is also above 500. There is another incinerator 3.5 miles away that already has increased traffic to the busiest city in wales. There has been no viable infrastructure changes to accommodate the increase in traffic to the already busy capital city. The incinerator in Gloucester is out in the county side away for any built up areas and with direct links to a motorway. Why has this incinerator not been planned to be on the motorway corridor to prevent an increase in vehicle footfall to residential areas ( that has been heavily pushed around the M4 at the Bryn glass tunnels. There must be better locations than this that are further away from residential areas.