Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 26 November 2020
From Dawn Lindsay


I wish to strongly object to this proposed facility. There are several reasons why.
Firstly it's impact on air quality for the surrounding area. [**REDACTED**] I have already noticed a decline in the air quality in this area, specificallyover the last couple of years, and am extremely concerned on the impact of an incinerator being built in an area already heavily impacted by poor air quality - Public Health Wales themselves have said there is no safe limit for the toxic particulates that this would be spewing into the atmosphere and that there WILL be health issues associated with it, however small this may be!
Also the amount of CO2 it will be releasing. As there is a plan for Wales to be carbon neutral by 2030, surely this goes against absolutely everything the government wish to achieve, as this plant would have a 25 year life span, well passed the planned 2030 date.
The waste. It has been made clear that the Viridor plant 3 miles away, has been future proofed and can more than handle the capacity required, both now and in the future. The Mor Hafren plant would be forced to source outside of the UK for it's foodstock in the imminent future - a fact agreed by the team from Mor Hafren in meetings at the Beacon centre. There is a very real and present danger with this scenario, in that who will be checking what is in this waste? - surely waste should be being burned at its point of origin and not sent around the world to be disposed of? It is not right that we should have unchecked waste from other countries forced on us to satisfy shareholders - we are the ones who must live here and breath in these toxic fumes!

The smell. We were assured, when meeting with representatives of Mor Hafren, that there would not be a smell. I beg to differ. We are already painfully aware of the vile scent emerging from the Viridor plant and further investigations, and conversations, with other people who live near to other similar incinerators throughout the UK, will tell you that this is absolutely NOT the truth. They stink, from the unloading, to the burning, to the fumes - there is no other way to say it - THEY STINK! It is bad enough we are already affected by the stench from the Viridor plant (locally sourced foodstock), but why should we be forced to breath in and live in an area that stinks from another counties waste?

The traffic. The road network they are planning to bring the waste in on is already heavily congested on a daily basis. Adding in another HGV approx every 15 mins is unthinkable, not to mention the staff cars too. The access roads to the proposed plant are narrow and to have HGV's waiting to unload is going to cause further chaos and misery to the road users. There is also a real danger the HGV's will use the coast roads to transport the waste, these roads are single track and the result would be catastrophic for the actual roads themselves (in terms of damage to them), local road users, and the wildlife.

The visual impact. Currently, apart from the wind turbine, there is nothing of size to impact the sightlines of the coastal area. The building planned is huge, with a 70m stack and will visually impact the area for miles. The local High school - full of growing young children and teenagers, will have a direct view of the building and the toxic gases being emitted, not to mention all the houses locally who will suddenly have this monstrosity in their full view. It is not at all in keeping with the local area and will stick out like a sore thumb.

There are numerous schools within the immediate vicinity of this proposed plant. These are full of young children whose bodies are growing and forming, whilst breathing in the proposed poisonous fumes emitted for 8 hours a day. Would you want your children being subjected to that on a daily basis?
Finally, there is no actual identified need for a further incinerator in this area. As mentioned before the Viridor plant has been future proofed to allow for increased capacity, if actually needed. With there being a big push on recycling nowadays, combined with Wales wishing to be carbon neutral by 2030, burning will no longer be required as the answer in the near future, so why would one even be considered that would need feeding for the next 25 years - it is purely a financial venture on behalf of a company who need to satisfy it's shareholders.
Please don't let us become the victims of someone else's greed.